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>> You do. It saved them having to fit a tokenising routine into the ROM.
> to nit-pick:
> a) didn't the later Spectrums (128, +2, +3) with '128 BASIC' let you type the
> commands without the keyword system?

Yep, from the Investronica 128 (the first 'toastrack' edition with the Big
Metal Heatsink) to the +3, 128 mode let you just type and make your own
> b) At least on the 16K / 48K Spectrums (not sure about the ZX80 or '81) there
> was a 'feature' of ZX BASIC whereby through some key combination you could
> delete a keyword but the BASIC wouldn't drop back to keyword mode properly. Of

I never came across that, but there was at least a couple of 3rd party hacks
that bypassed the keyword system and let you type 'properly'. I didn't like
them at the time because I knew my way round the keyboard blindfold so I was
much quicker typing in programs using the keyword system.

> Heck, back to Spectrums, I remember that the +2 had a built-in calculator
> application... (what were the other main menu options? 128 BASIC, Spectrum
> BASIC, Calculator, but I'm sure there was at least one other)

Tape tester.....

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