New monitors on old machines

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> > I see no merit in reinventing the wheel in this case.  If you're 
> > really that cheap, find one on ebay for less.  This whole debate is 
> > laughable.
>  It's like keeping an old van around for hauling stuff when 
> you need to. Doesn't mean you're going to blow thousands 
> overhauling the thing. This is the type of hobby where the 
> majority of us don't put a lot of money into, nor can justify 
> it (though I've splurged on occasions). If you're too 
> ignorant to engage or at least tolerate a technical 
> discussion then you shouldn't be on the list. Frankly it's 
> laughable to call it that. Shove off already.
Again, I try to limit my input to discussions that may result in an answer
not previously obtainable.  In most cases, the technical discussions on this
list are of this ilk.  In this particular case, there is a simple, easy
solution, and there's ample documentation on how it's done.  It got entirely
ignored until I pointed it out more bluntly.

This start-all-over-and-hack-something mentality is as silly as shutting off
a light switch so you can stumble around in the dark on purpose.
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