Time to purge - pickup only in the NW Indiana/Chicago area.

Paul Braun nerdware at ctgonline.org
Sat Nov 4 15:10:46 CST 2006

The time has come for me to let go of the collection - I want my 
basement and garage back, and I just lost interest and don't have the 
time any more.

I have an assortment of stuff, inlcuding a complete PCJr, a Kaypro II 
with bunches of disks, some Tandy stuff, and a couple of older Macs, 
along with several boxes of old Byte magazines.

I donated a big lot of it to another collector several years ago, and 
this is what I had kept.  But now it's time for even that to go - I'm 
keeping my first VIC-20 and my Amigas, along with one Mac SE/30 just for 

I started listing stuff on *bay, but I no longer have time or easy 
access to the place where I used to ship from, and I'm just too busy to 
do it now anyway.

If this interests you, please email me offline and I can give you some 
more details.  If I don't hear from anyone in a week, I'm afraid it's 
going to the recycler.

Paul Braun
Valparaiso, IN

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