RA81 destruction

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Fri Nov 3 10:22:49 CST 2006

Hey All,

On 11/3/06, Jay West <jwest at classiccmp.org> wrote:

[RA81s with bad HDAs]

> Since I don't know anything about RA81's yet (have never used them or opened
> one up), and because I do intend to keep one or two of the drives running (a
> few don't say "bad hda" on them), can someone tell me what parts I should
> scavange off the dead ones that are worth keeping as spares? I know the
> obvious like the light bulbs and drive select plugs, but what about
> components on the inside that "those in the know" would advise I not just
> pitch with the drives?

I seem to remember, many moons ago, of a story where a couple of
physisists used the servo assemblies from the head actuators to make a
magnetically susported table. The table was automatically adjusted for
any vibration and to keep it level. I don't remember if they used the
head assembly servos from an RA81 or a different type of DEC drive.

Has anyone else heard of this story and can remember if it was RA81
drives or not?



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