RA81 destruction

Bill Pechter pechter at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 16:54:50 CST 2006

Among the problems back around 85-86 was a problem with breather filter glue
creep causing head contamination and crashing starting with head 13... the
bottom physical head.

I replaced a bunch when I was in Field Service.  They also had some
ECO/FCO's to the read/write module for preamp current IIRC.

Been a long time since I worked on them.

The ones without the glue problem worked pretty well... They really got
screwed by the glue being swapped by the vendor.  The new glue was close in
properties -- but reliquified at a lower temperature causing major problems
when the original glue was discontinued and became unavailable.


On 11/5/06, Jay West <jwest at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> Jules wrote....
> > I certainly would have thought that it's worth your while to make up as
> > many good units as possible out of the bits, unless you know that the
> > failures aren't fixable already. As I recall the drive's on-board diags
> > are pretty good (as are the manuals - I'm pretty sure there were
> > comprehensive test procedures in there)
> Yes, I'm aware of the diags. I have read the manuals quite some time ago
> and
> saw the cute built-in "console port" and such.
> I had written...
> > > but they are clearly dead
> To which Jules responded.
> > How do you know?
> Because the collector on this list who gave me all the RA81's said they
> were
> tested and dead, and he put the "Bad HDA" tags on the front. But you're
> right I shouldn't take his word for it. I should retest them all.
> Jay

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