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On 3/11/06 03:10, "Ray Arachelian" <ray at arachelian.com> wrote:

> Adrian Graham wrote:
>> Correct, another example is the electrostatic Sinclair ZX Printer or the dot
>> matrix that matched the Apple Lisa
> The ADMP?  That later became the ImageWriter.  It was the same C. Itoh
> printer as the ImageWriter, just with a parallel interface.  The Lisa

I mean this one:


Aka the DEC LA50, is this the same c.itoh printer you mean?

> There was also a color inkjet printer for the Lisa by Canon I think -
> unfortunately I can't find any information about its protocol, nor does
> it have any drivers in common OS's.

This is interesting news, I've got pictures of Lisae with imagewriters and
that printer up there ^^^^ but no mention of an inkjet, I didn't know colour
inkjets were available at the time!
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