Lisa history

Al Kossow kossow at
Tue Nov 7 12:00:20 CST 2006

> I'm curious why Larry Tesler and his team from Xerox Parc picked Pascal as
> the language to build Lisa on...esp. considering the Alto was a BCPL machine
> (forerunner of C).

> I know Apple was an early adopter of USCD Pascal...I wonder if had any
> influences.  

The original Lisa was going to be a 2901 based machine running a variant of
P-Code. This died off pretty quickly once the 68000 was announced.

I assume David Craig has this all documented somewhere. I heard the early
history from Paul Baker. Lisa had been going for a while before Larry came
over from PARC. Just before Larry left Apple, there was an internal talk on
Lisa history which gave a chronology of events. Maybe Larry has written this
all up somewhere.

> Did Apple write their own compiler?

See the previous message. It was written by Silicon Valley Software

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