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> There isn't a single user these days that would put up with what we
> called a "user interface" in 1979 -- scrolling text, interview style.

False, actually; I'm a counterexample.  I can and do put up with a
glass-tty interface on occasion.  (Add cursor addressing - which I for
one had in 1980 - and I would even call it common for me to use such an

>> Step back and think about it for awhile--put yourself back 20 years
>> to 1986 and consider what you could have done with a gig of disk
>> space and 32 megs of RAM.
> ...and no virtual memory, no GPU, no windowing system, not even 256
> color graphics much less 24-bit per-pixel graphics.  Hell, in 1986
> you'd be lucky to have floating-point in hardware.

Amusingly enough, in 1986 I was working on a machine with either 300 or
600 megs of disk (two drives, and I can't recall whether it was 300M
between them or 300M each), virtual memory, a GPU (though not called
such), 262144-colour graphics (6bpp for each of the three primaries),
and floating point in hardware (possibly involving some microcode).

No windowing system, though, and not much RAM (I don't recall how much,
if I ever knew - probably something like 4M or 6M).

>> So, bloat is everywhere.
> The biggest bloat is in expectations,


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