semi-ot: are zip drives being phased out?

Chris M chrism3667 at
Thu Nov 9 18:33:18 CST 2006

> On Behalf Of Fred Cisin

> If you are just trying to connect a ZIP drive to a
> T2K, why not use a
> parallel port model?

Not such a bad idea when it's brought up, but kind of
slow. My first Zip was a scsi, was using alot of Mac
stuph back then, and a DEC pizza box which was a
marvel for crazed unorthodox interfaces, and the scsi
unit never did me no wrong. In fact I found it to be
indestructible :o

--- "Richard A. Cini" <rcini at> wrote:

> Two issues to consider:
> 1. parallel port connector (T2K uses a DIP header --
> need to make special
> 	cable).
> 2. software (T2K ended with DOS 2.11.xx -- forget
> exact number). You would
> 	need to check minimum required version for Iomega
> guest.exe program.

 In fact, that guest program would have to be torn
apart. Yeah, starting to sound not-so-practical. But a
scsi port would be an awful nice addition to alot of
these old things. The T2K is even a true 16-bitter, so
many of the signals, or equivalents of the a 16 bit
ISA slot might be found on that 96 pin euro connector.
The software part does skeer me worst then the
hardware part though :~
 Hmmm, if one actually could adapt (or build) a scsi
card for the 2K, might you not be closer (in terms of
software compatibility) then if you tried to rework
the parallel port guest program? Or is their only 1

 Uh on 2nd thought:

 File Contents 
  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
    32768  02-08-99 10:19   ScsiDll.Dll
    44126  07-30-98 12:18   GUEST.HLP
     1247  10-15-98 12:55   Guest.html
     4362  02-09-99 13:13   Guest.Inf
      347  08-11-98 09:08   GUEST.INI
      760  05-29-98 13:48   GUEST9X.CNT
   475136  02-08-99 10:20   GUEST9X.EXE
   108089  05-29-98 13:51   GUEST9X.HLP
     8608  03-20-97 19:02   ImgDll16.Dll
    16384  03-20-97 19:02   ImgDll32.Dll
    32210  09-02-98 17:10   GUEST.EXE
 --------                   -------
   724037                   11 files

I did e-mail the folks who make the serial-cflash
interface, to see if THAT software is specific to a
vanilla peecee. I doubt it uses any type of standard
serial protocols (i.e. Xmodem, Kermit, etc.).
 Maybe Iomega would be gracious enough to provide
their source code...

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