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Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Nov 12 21:08:04 CST 2006

On 12 Nov 2006 at 18:01, Brent Hilpert wrote:

> I will happily accept being corrected but the block diagram implies that it is
> not possible to use an external ROM for the 8041A, so you may be stuck with
> whatever is fixed in the internal ROM, which would make them more-or-less
> useless. Perhaps the D8041C differs from the 8041A (?).

If you look on the website and search for the 
"upd8041", you'll find a nice datasheet.  It's a 1K mask-programmed 
ROM with 64 bytes of RAM MPU.  This agrees with what's in my Intel 
"Peripheral Design Handbook".  FWIW, there's a sample application 
(controlling a dot-matrix printer" using the 8041 in the PDH.

There is no memory expansion capability with the 8041, unlike the 
8048.  Intel packaged up the 8041 with some pre-programmed masks and 
sold them as other chips.  For example, the 8292 GPIB controller is 
nothing more than an 8041 with Intel's own code.

Less'n you can identify what the 8041s you have were programmed with, 
they're not going to be very useful.


> is pretty good as a free datasheet source.
> I was just looking up datasheets for a bunch of microcontrollers
> (8741,80C32,8751...) a few days ago. Sometimes you have to widen the search.
> For example, in your case, "D8041C" produces no match, but "8041" does.
> Unfortunately they have moved to Acrobat 6 pdfs for some scans, making a lot
> of the datasheets unreadable to those using older browsers. I was just trying
> to get
> data for the 68HC11. It's there but I can't display it.

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