VCF 9 (Jay West) & (Jules Richardson)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Nov 14 11:47:51 CST 2006

Roger Merchberger wrote:
>> Could Ethan be persuaded to host one?
> Just as white (heck, moreso! ;-) but wrong direction...
> What would he call it?
> VCF-WS (Way South)
> VCF-SP (South Pole)
> VCF-RRFC (Really Really Frelling Cold)

Well, given that VCFs are not unique to the US, I'm tempted to suggest that 
they should always be given as coordinates anyway :-)  (Although what the 
longitude of the south pole is, I don't know - do people just pick something 
at random? :)



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