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>> If one was to build and host an online ComputerCollectables
>> list/gallery, > could a knowledge base be created to document collections
>> that someday would be > usable as a price guide. Or would such an attempt
>> be doomed, due to lack of i nput from the real world ?

>In order for this to be useful, it has to be *actual* price data not
>what people "think" something should cost.  The latter is a highly
>subjective evaluation and you will find many of those in "Collectible
>Microcomputers" where I see that on ebay, things *never* go for the
>lowball price listed in that book.  The former is the kind of thing
>you see on ebay.  It may not jibe with your subjective evaluation, but
>it *is* an actual price that someone paid (assuming no shill bidders).

Other than ebay, what other source of priceing information exsists ?

Dealers will most likely report a differant price than a collector.

Collector will brag to other collectors about getting something for $10 (plus $8 shipping/handeling)
as a great deal for only $10 or about $20 depending on how the conversation is spinning.

The seller recieved an $18 paypal payment for the sale, making the true cost to the collector $18, yet as far as the dealor is 
concerned it sold for $10 even though there may have only been $4 in costs covered by the $8 shipping fee. 
So this same item can be described as having a value between $10 and $18 with the most accurate value being somewhere 
around $14 amount the dealer got for it.....  oops forgot to account for paypal and ebay fees, pick a number between 
$8something to $20. And how many dealers are going to publish the true taxable amount of the sale :)

Concidering all price reporting is subjective I think a blog or wiki format like might work best.
The work will be in finding people to seed it, concidering the lack of chatter and comments in the IBMcollectables gallery I 
would have to be heavily automates with a voteing system for determining price ranges ..... now that is a thought....

till later

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