More ePay madness

jim stephens jwstephens at
Thu Nov 16 17:37:37 CST 2006

arcarlini at wrote:

> <snip>
>>-It-Now auction for an Atari 2600
>>"Atlantis II" cartridge that was up at $1,500,000. 
>I seem to have that price wrong: auction 250047656706
>and it was US $1,750,000.00 (and it didn't sell :-))
I looked up Atlantis-ii on a site refered to in the question feedback for
the auction.  It is rated extremely rare.

I guess if you truely like the graphics for the Atari 2600, and have a
spare 1 and 3/4 mil to pay, it probably will get you a rare item.

I personally would spend it on a house on the bay out here in LA
or such, and spend the extra $$ to get a PS-III, though I have no
plans to get one now.

The lines outside Fry's have been around since Tuesday according to
some guys I talked to there today, I guess they go on sale tomorrow.

I'd just like one of the Cell processors, forget the game, to play with,
and a linux distro to run on it.

Sorry for way way off topic.

This auction is more legit than most, but this guy is way too full of
it over the value of such a game in my opinion.

Shows how values can fluctuate when someone absolutely has
to have something, and someone else has a high price.


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