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Sat Nov 18 12:14:38 CST 2006

Stijn Bagin wrote:
> Hi, I'm responding to this old thread about the Sanyo LaT-200a because I
> have here a Running Sanyo SAT-250A /X286.  This board is located inside a
> Sanyo LT17 Laptop (or something that once was) and is running perfectl
> with an AMD 80286, 640k conv and 384k upper.
> If anyone still reads this and might be interested or just want's more
> information, you can contact me at stijnbagin at  
> Only trouble is that it has some sort of 50-pins connection harddrive
> setup (i have been thinking SCSI) directly on the mainboard from which
> I can make heads nor tails.  
> I want to hook up a standard 40 pins IDE drive, but I'm not sure how to
> proceed without a datasheet on the specific connector...  The Bios knows
> all 47 standard HD layouts and a 3,5 inch floppy drive is already in
> place...  I also succeeded to remove the old monochrome LCD display and
> the huge controllercard and replace it with a smooth standard ISA 16-bit
> full color Headland Technology's Video 7 board.  The only thing remaining
> is this Harddrive problem... who helps... ?
> I must also mention that standard the 50 pins connector was relayed onto
> a "SMS"<brand> controllercard which converted the 50 pins into a managable
> 26 pins connector on which i can find even less information...   The 3,5
> inch harddrive took it's juice and information all from these 26 pins
> (the brand on this harddrive is also unknown on the net)....  I'm hoping
> this controllercard is unimportant and that the 50 pins are the ones to
> proceed with...
> Greetz

	Hmmm, interesting sounding rig you got there. Are you sure it's a 50 
pin connector for the HDD? Also, is it really a "full size" 3.5" hard 
drive and not a 2.5" laptop drive?
	IIRC, all laptop HDDs use a 44-pin connector for the IDE. 4 for power, 
and the other 40 for the data. You can easily get the appropriate 
adaptors to hook a laptop HDD onto a regular "full size" IDE connection. 
I've got one in my toolkit for data rescue purposes. Don't know if you 
could go the other way, though. The laptop might not crank out enough 
juice for the bigger drive.
	Wait a minute, just had a thought. Is there a separate connector for 
power to the HDD? If so, that 50 pin connector could be SCSI, couldn't it?

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