sanyo lat-200a

Stijn Bagin fa475919 at
Sun Nov 19 20:37:08 CST 2006

Anyway (thanks for your response btw), the 50-pins connector appears to be a standard SCSI port, at least that is what I discovered after measuring the 'ground' pin layout and comparing it with a standard 50pin - SCSI datasheet...  The original Harddrive was a full size 3,5 inch model from a brand named Kyosho (the hardware is dated 1985 so I don't think 2,5 inch was around back then...)  It only had a 26pin data strip connector (no power connector) (It's broken btw) which was hooked up to a little controller board (loose hanging in between boards) from SMS OMTI ( a famous name that is often found in accordance with SCSI drives and other datastorage devices (or so I read here and there)) 

I'm familiar with the 44 pin IDE layout you describe in your message and I regret that probably isn't the setup in this little bugger.  After some reading on the SMS OMTI board, i read somewhere that smaller sized 50-pin SCSI drives can indeed draw power from the datastrip connector... whether this could work in my setup is unknown and I will not be able to try since I do not have such a drive... 

I've also tried to add a standard ISA 16bit IDE controllercard, but with no luck.  The BIOS simply doesn't allow other HD controllers other than it's own...  The bios is fairly limited and what little motherboard-jumpers there are, come with no description whatsoever.  STUCK... i guess 

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