vtserver question & mod

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Mon Nov 20 13:43:41 CST 2006

Ashley wrote....
> I have a version of VTServer that works with the M9312 console
> emulator, and it runs in Windows (well, in a DOS box).
How reliably does it work in a DOS window under XP I wonder? The old 
(current) version of Vtserver also is documented to run in a DOS box under 
windows, but it does not do so well... I saw a document somewhere basically 
acknowledging that it often doesn't run right under windows. It's not a 
flakyness, it's a situation where for those it works for, it works all the 
time for. Anyways, maybe the one Fred gave you fixed that?

> I think I
> got mine from Fred Van Kempen, who crafted a special version
> for me.  I have used it on an 11/34 and an 11/40 and have not
> had any problems.
I think a lot of people have been waiting anxiously for Fred to release the 
new version. I wasn't aware of a development snapshot and would be happy to 
look at it :)

> Would you like a copy of my
> version of VTServer?  If so, I can email it to you or I can put it
> on my web site (http://www.woffordwitch.com) where it can be
> downloaded.
I'd suggest you check with Fred before putting it up publicly, he may have 
intented not to have a "prerelease" get out and get widespread distribution. 
Just a thought.

Someone also mentioned that vtserver wouldn't work on a /44 because of the 
binary nature of the transfer (and specifically ^P in a datastream 
activating the console). Couldn't the copy program (and the vtserver 
"server" part) easily be modified to "escape" control-P with a lead in 
character, two leadin's representing the actual character.. then a ^P would 
never be transferred "in the clear". Just a thought. Maybe Fred's already 
done that in your version too ;)


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