need a tandy 2000 compatible comm program

Kevin Handy kth at
Mon Nov 20 14:12:15 CST 2006

Matti Nummi wrote:

>> From Chris M <chrism3667 at> Sun, 19 Nov 2006 19:33:23 -0800 
>> (PST)
>> can you elaborate a little? To my knowledge, Kermit is
>> a protocol or set of them. I know Im a little dull
>> occasionally...
>> --- cctalk-bounces at <mnusa2 at>
>> wrote:
>>> Check the Kermit.
> Kermit might be the most ported software.
> Check MS-Dos kermit program.
> It includes a vt100 compatible terminal emulator (and scripting, file 
> transfer, protocol etc)
> Check older versions too, there might be a "general"
> MS-Dos version or even tandy specifics?. Nothing sure though.
> Kermit was once freeware but gone commercial now I think.

kermit is still freeware, except for the Windows version, which
they charge ~$50 (iirc) for.

should have links to the various versions. Depending on your
OS, it may or may not have vt100 emulation built in.

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