dec cabinet paint (and/was "11/34 done")

Robert Ollerton rollerton at
Tue Nov 21 00:52:50 CST 2006

You would be better off going to an automotive paint store.

Paint formulas are coded  by each manf. PPG will be differfent than
say Dupont, etc.  Equipment manf. like Dec would have either used a
stock color out of say the PPG book, or could  have come up with their
own formula but it would be based on the tints and base stock of a
particular paint brand.

What you need to look for is a paint code formula and brand for each
of the areas you are interested in refinishing.  Take that to an
Automotive paint store and then can mix it for you, some stores can
also load it into aerosol cans.   Need to know what type of paint you

A lot of equipment was painted with Lacquer, but you need to know for
sure before put more on. One test is to dampen a cloth with laq
thinner and see if it will soften and lift a bit of the paint color
when rubbed (in some hidden spot).

On 11/20/06, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:
> Ashley wrote...
> > Jay, that's a great looking system!  Did you use any of the pieces/parts
> > you got from me on that system?
> Humm I don't recall you sending me any parts for the /34. I know you sent me
> a few cabinet parts and few memory boards to help with my /45 though. I'm
> probably forgetting something and I apologize if so!
> > ... but I just need to clean up the side panels and
> > touch up the legs, clean up the black cover panels, etc.
> I was going to take a RL02 front panel or dec corp cab filler panel in to a
> hardware store and have them match the paint color exactly, and get a small
> can of the correct mix. Or does an industry standard color coding system
> exist, and these magic numbers are known by a listmember so I can just get
> the color already? I would really like to get an exact match for the "white"
> on the front of the /34 & RL02, the "grey" on the H960 side panel, and the
> "black" on the H960 anti-tip feet. Not just the right color but the right
> type of paint and finish.
> Jay

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