Jay West jwest at
Wed Nov 22 14:26:50 CST 2006

William wrote....
>> [...] While others have also scanned (and we thank
>> you), bitsavers is still the best archive, and probably has the best
>> chance of long term survival.

To which Richard replied...
> I always email Al with a URL of the scanned PDFs for uploading to
> bitsavers after I scan stuff.  I also email the guy who maintains manx
> (I forget his name right now) so that they can be found online through
> that database.

I don't want to detract from what others besides Bitsavers have done. Any 
documentation made available online is a huge plus, a great benefit to all, 
and is sincerely appreciated. Many thanks to all those who have done it in 
addition to bitsavers.

However, that being said... there is much more to the historical archiving 
of a document for posterity than slapping it on a scanner and putting it on 
the web. Al does not simply do that. He has specific expertise in the 
correct and best way to scan the documents (with regards to settings and 
such), uses other utilities to process the images before converting to PDF, 
in many cases hand adjusting them, etc. It is an art, not a "press a scanner 
button" thing, and Al has it down cold.

So long story short, emailing Al with a URL of the scanned PDF is not the 
best situation (although it's certainly appreciated). The best situation is 
to get the original to Al so he can scan it himself and thus we all get 
museum quality results.

Just my own two millidollars worth.


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