TC08 in an FPGA

Vincent Slyngstad vrs at
Wed Nov 22 14:27:42 CST 2006

>>> A TC08 on an omnibus card would be useful too.
>> Nah, you just need yet more Posibus and Data Break cards for your
>> Omnibus machines :-).
> 8E cabling is horrible. I helped maintain a large TSS/8 configuration
> (RK8E,TC08,RF08,PC08, lots of 8655's in an expander box) and a similar 
> OS/8
> system w/o the expander box, and those heavy shielded BC08s made working 
> on
> the CPU a nightmare. As you are aware, there is neither cable strain 
> relief
> nor card guides in those machines. It wasn't uncommon to see an Omnibus 
> card
> bent 1/4" back because of the cable strain.

Sure.  But, unless you left off the lights or something, the TC08 would need
approximately as many cables as the Posibus+Data Break.  Since the Posibus
can be shared with other peripherals, it would probably be a wash.

Of course, if you skip the TC08 console, you are completely correct :-).


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