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Martin Scott Goldberg wgungfu at
Sat Nov 25 00:12:05 CST 2006

>> So its not granting it carte
>> blanche for every person, but it is good news for those of us who run
>> actual museums or archives.
>What museum/archive are you associated with? "" would be the
>Computing Services Division of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee,
>where I worked in the early 80's. At least back then, there was no archive
>associated with CSD.
>--al (Software Curator, Computer History Museum)

Heya Al, I'm attending (and have worked at) UWM as well.  I run E2M 
(, which is a portable computer
and gaming museum (for events, etc.) as well as an archive.  

You probably knew a friend of mine in CSD - Dave Rasmussen.

By the way, CSD doesn't exist anymore - that's just a legacy mask set up.
I&MT is the name of the organization now, and its campus wide rather than
just over in EMS.  Most of the mainframes are long gone from the basement
there as well.


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