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Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at
Sat Nov 25 07:45:30 CST 2006

Martin Scott Goldberg <wgungfu at> wrote:
> >An article on Yahoo News < 
> >ap_on_hi_te/digital_copyright> dealing with recent copyright  
> >exemptions granted by the  US Library of Congress had an item of  
> >interest for classiccmp listers buried down at the bottom:
> >
> >"He granted two exemptions dealing with computer obsolescence. For  
> >computer software and video games that require machines no longer  
> >available, copy-protection controls may be circumvented for archival  
> >purposes. Locks on computer programs also may be broken if they  
> >require dongles ? small computer attachments ? that are damaged and  
> >can't be replaced."
> >	CRC
> The article is missleading.  If you read the actual statement at the
> Copyright Office ( it clearly states that
> this is only for libraries and archives.  So its not granting it carte
> blanche for every person, but it is good news for those of us who run
> actual museums or archives.

Possibly this will inspire close collaboration between individuals
and archives/museums/libraries, for the good of both.

My reading of the law makes it sounds like only binaries will be
covered by the exemption, which is disappointing.


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