Northstar Horizon - Tarbell

jim stephens jwstephens at
Sat Nov 25 12:49:43 CST 2006

Dave Dunfield wrote:

> I didn't mention the Tarbell - I was going by the subject line.
I mentioned Tarbell.  I knew Don and used his controller since he was
around here in LA and the controllers could be had for a reasonable

The other alternatives were way more expensive at the time.  Of course
this can go down the way of how the disks were not formatted properly
and the contollers were a real pain to get going, but if you stick with the
low density disks, and had the controller fully reved up, they were

I can't say bad things from first hand experience with the controllers,
since what problems I had Don had fixed, and his company was
available nearby to get things fixed.  I wan't much of a builder then,
so I was lucky in that regard.

Many thanks to my friend Frank A. who helped me with testing the
conroller and debugging problems, as I did for him.  Also to Dick
Culberton who was the main fixer of all things Tarbell.


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