Special HD20 INIT file

SUPRDAVE at aol.com SUPRDAVE at aol.com
Sat Nov 25 12:04:26 CST 2006

In a message dated 11/25/2006 4:20:48 A.M.  Eastern Standard Time, 
teoz at neo.rr.com writes:
Apple apparently made a  special INIT file for the HD20 (non SCSI HD that 
connected to the back of a Mac  128K or 512K using the 19 pin floppy port) so 
that unsupported machines (like an  SE/30) could read the drive and copy the 
files from it (but not write to  it).

Anybody here happen to have a copy of this special INIT file?  Somebody has 
some data they need off the drive (he is in Japan) and only has an  SE/30 to 
use. Anything pre Nubus is out of my experience level so I figured  somebody 
here might have the file needed  
IIRC, Apple tech support mentioned that the SE/30 was not supported.  
However, I plugged my HD20 into a IIci and it worked just fine. 

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