Northstar Horizon

Allison ajp166 at
Sat Nov 25 14:46:55 CST 2006

>Subject: Re: Northstar Horizon
>   From: "Barry Watzman" <Watzman at>
>   Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 14:56:01 -0500
>     To: <cctech at>
>The real problem is that it uses HARD-SECTOR 5.25" diskettes, which are just
>about impossible to find.
>Yes, you can use a PC compatible 5.25" 360k drive, if it's jumpered

Correct!  I'm using FD55BV (half height 48tpi two side) and they work fine
for either SD or DD.  The official drive for SD version was SA400 (35 track)
and for DD SA400L or TM100 as by then both were the standard.


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