Hard Sector Diskettes, was Re: Northstar Horizon

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Sat Nov 25 19:44:05 CST 2006

Marvin Johnston wrote:
> A couple of questions pop up on this Northstar diskette discussion. First, was
> the oersted rating the same for all of the N* Horizon (and Advantage?)
> diskettes? And to expand it a bit, what about other hard sectored diskettes ...
> Heathkit, Vector Graphic, etc. And what about the 8" floppies? My knowledge in
> this area is nil and I don't recall ever having read anything.
> Second, it seems to me that someone has already made a punch for modifying
> soft-sectored floppies to hard sectors. As Tony says, it shouldn't be hard to
> do. As such, would there be much of a demand for such punches?

Here is a page showing a jig to make 10 sector 5.25" disks, by Heiko 
Heinz, for his Wang 2200 PCS-II, although it would work for any computer 
needing such disks:


Here is the link to the rest of Heiko's pages:


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