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Tony Duell ard at
Sun Nov 26 16:39:52 CST 2006

> --- Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:
> > Is there? Anything that strikes anyone as
> > particularly rare/valuable?
> > 
> > -tony
>  There's so much. There has to be considerable value

I'd be somewhat interested to know what people consider to be the 'stars' 
of that collection, given that I don't have any of the traditional 
rarities (like a striaght-8, or a Lisa, or even a ZX80). 

> there. You know if you did sell it, you could affored
> an even bigger London house LOL LOL.

Yes, but what would I put in it :-)

>  And you don't program. VERY surprised you don't feel
> the urge to tap out even a little code. The C64 of all

I did not say I didn't program. I said I wasn't a programmer.

Let me explain. I can write code in a doxen languages if I have to, 
including several assembly languages (heck, why else would I want to have 
machines with toggle-switch panels ;-)). But I don't consider myself to 
be a programmer, in the sense that I don't write good, efficient, code, 
and I am not going, for example, to write an operating system or a 
compiler, or...

Moreover, I don't really enjoy programming. I prefer to do the hardware. 
Restore it, troubleshoot it, make add-ons, etc. Yes, I'll write a program 
if that's what's needed to support whatever bit of hardware I'm working 
on, but that's it.

> things is a great platform to learn a little assembly.

There speaks somebody who's never used a Beeb. Seriously, if I wanted to 
do 6502 assembly language, I'd nse a BBC micro. There's an assembler 
built into the (excellent) BASIC.

> And of course pc's. I could recommend some groovy
> books too.

I am not sure why anyone would consider 80x86 assembly language to be 
pleasant :-)

>  When do we get to look at some pictures of your
> stash? You know I'm sure a local newspaper or magazine

That could be a problem. Yes, I have a cmaera. Darn it, I have many 
cameras. But all are film-based (I will _consider_ a digital camera when 
the quality of output exceeds that from my film cameras, which include 
several 5*4" large format models). I also don't have a scanner, or 
anything to link it to (there don't make scanners that link to PERQs :-))

> would be interested in printing a piece about your

That I doubt (based on previous expereicens in a totally different area), in
any case I'd not really want a more precise location of this stuff to be 
widely known...

> "fascination". Do you use anything modern (Pentium or
> later) with any regularity?

Not really. There's an (old-ish) Pentium laptop here which is used for 
one thing and one thing only. Running the diagnostic program for my 
father's car. But the PC I am using at the moment is the PC/AT with 486 
kludgeboard on the collection list. 


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