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Chris M chrism3667 at
Sun Nov 26 19:50:11 CST 2006

> I'd be somewhat interested to know what people
> consider to be the 'stars' 
> of that collection, given that I don't have any of
> the traditional 
> rarities (like a striaght-8, or a Lisa, or even a
> ZX80). 

 What matters is what you find groovy. Don't matter
much what the rest of the herd thinks. Yes I do have a
couple of the kewell items, like a Lisa (busted?) and
a gorgeous Canon Cat. The Lisa I'm truly enamored
with, but I'd probably sell the Cat if I could get a
good enough price. He he.
 I will look the list over again. In most cases I
didn't have a clue what any of it was! LOL
> > there. You know if you did sell it, you could
> affored
> > an even bigger London house LOL LOL.
> Yes, but what would I put in it :-)

 umm machinery? Got a T & LM lathe yet (not very big
granted). Or a Drummond round bed? I want both, but
you see there's this location problem...
 You should really try to secure some of that stuff
while the getting is good. Could be most are in
collections already...

> There speaks somebody who's never used a Beeb.
> Seriously, if I wanted to 
> do 6502 assembly language, I'd nse a BBC micro.
> There's an assembler 
> built into the (excellent) BASIC.

 You can still download BBC basic for pc's I believe,
and there's even a version that produces Win32
executables IIRC. The thing I like about the Commie is
the built in hardware sprites. VERY easy to program.
It's just an all around fun platform. There are others
of course.
> I am not sure why anyone would consider 80x86
> assembly language to be 
> pleasant :-)

 Quite gratifying to get something running on one.
Besides I know little else :(, and not a whole lot of
that LOL LOL
> >  When do we get to look at some pictures of your
> > stash? You know I'm sure a local newspaper or
> magazine
> That could be a problem... 

 If you're ever moved, send me the prints and I'll
host them. If you ever feel moved...

> Not really. There's an (old-ish) Pentium laptop here
> which is used for 
> one thing and one thing only. Running the diagnostic
> program for my 
> father's car. 

Ok, what kind of car is it?

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