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Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Mon Nov 27 16:13:36 CST 2006

Tony Duell wrote:
>> front, they built maybe 50 ARM eval kits and a similar number of ACWs for 
> I am supriesed it was as few as that...

I'm only going by what I'm told by ex-employees - but it is quite possible 
that there's a smattering of company folklore at work there; I've never seen 
hard production figures (I don't think that such things exist).

I must admit that if the run was only 50, then there are a relative lot of 
survivors (I've come across around ten over the years - which probably means 
there are a fair few more than that. Even a 1 in 5 survival rate would be 
pretty impressive, though)

> Thinking about it, I may have 2 Atoms with Econet. One with the official 
> Econet board (fitted on the solder side of the main PCB), the other 
> with a 'System' Exonst eurocard connected to the expansion bus.

Ooh - you don't see many Atoms using the expansion bus for System cards (with 
the exception of the Disc Pack).

There were actually two variants of the System Econet boards with different 
circuitry and board layout (although IIRC they share the same part number!) - 
unfortunately I don't have photos immediately to hand so I can check what the 
differences were... (it may just be that one has collision detection circuitry 
and the other doesn't, or one has a clock generator and the other doesn't)

>> Valuable? Well anything rare is valuable (as I realise that you well know) :-) 
> I am not convinced. A Tiger turned up on E-bay recently, and did not sell 
> for that much money.

That's interesting - I wonder how people missed it? Or maybe it's just so 
uncommon that not many people even know what it is.



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