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> On Tue, 28 Nov 2006, Richard wrote:
> > OK, how about 45 CPUs?  The Evans & Sutherland ESV workstation has
> > one MIPS R4000 and anywhere from 4 to 44 AT&T DSP32Cs.
> > Made right here in Utah.
> Deep Crack.  The custom machine that John Gilmore made to defeat DES,
> hundreds of dedicated processors, each trying its own possibilities.

OK, but do you /own/ one? :-)

Also, the ESV has quite a heap of commercially available standard
CPUs, not custom CPUs.  That didn't happen until the Freedom series
accelerators for Sun, HP and IBM workstations.

I have an AT&T Pixel Machine as well and it has gobs of processors in
it.  I think they are also AT&T DSP32Cs IIRC.
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