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Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Nov 28 15:52:00 CST 2006

Tony Duell wrote:
> The later Whitechapel Hitec series used MIPS R2000 CPUs IIRC. 

Hmm, I've never seen a Hitec - just the MG-1 and the CG-200.

> I have one complete machine, not in an original case, but in a standard 
> PC/AT tower case. And quite a few spare boards in various states of 
> complete-ness.

Was the case based on the one used for the 32xxx machines? Or something 
totally different? (Google is proving no help!)

> Oh and a word of warning  for the 32016-based MG1 Whitechapels. The 
> mainboard has 512K RAM, but the boot ROM needs 1.5M to boot. 

Ha ha - that's interesting. I wonder why they did it that way? (I mean, why 
put any memory on the mainboard itself if the system's always going to require 
expansion boards anyway).

For some reason the MG-1 always makes me think "poor man's NeXT" :-)



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