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Tom Peters tpeters at
Tue Nov 28 18:10:23 CST 2006

The place I used to work got talked into one (for resale, but no one was 
ever interested in it). I used it because it could read all manner of 
exotic floppy disks, and I even interfaced an 8" (shugart, I think) to it. 
Wasn't very hard. I was able to read weird compupro disks with it.

Ours had the 68000 (wasn't it a 68010?), a 6502, and the Intel or Zilog 
chip-- can't recall which.

At 12:05 PM 11/28/2006 -0800, you wrote:
>--- Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at>
> > Chris M wrote:
> > > if you all are going to cheat like crazy, then I'm
> > > going to submit the Dimension 68000. No it wasn't
> > > loaded as stock with FOUR cpu's, but they were
> > > "intended" as optional equipment - 68000 running
> > CP/M
> > > 68K, 8088 for MS-DOS, 6502 for Apple DOS, and a
> > Z80
> > > for CP/M. So there.
> >
> > Actually, I'm not sure if that should count or
> > not... it's certainly closer to
> > qualifying than something which just happened to
> > have CPUs as peripheral
> > processors. I suppose it depends on how "optional"
> > they were and how much
> > additional circuitry was needed to support them.
>  Maybe more so then I even thought. If you're not
>familiar with it, the Dimension 68000 tried to be all
>things to all people. Surely not an unobtainable goal,
>there have been numerous add-on cards for other
>machines that worked well, but the "emulation" aspects
>didn't work out so well (I'm told). It probably took
>more resources then they could muster at the time, or
>just more time. Mindcraft I think was the company
>IIRC. I have one reserved for me by someone, but I'm
>trying to raise the capitol to secure several more
>boxes (albeit not working) to distribute to the masses
>when the time is right. Truly a unique uh platform as
>far as I can tell.
>  Was curious if there was anything like it across the
>pond. Or did I ask this already...
>  The 68k portion worked quite well though. If you
>google it you'll find there was a few at work at JPL
>back in the day.
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