multiple cpu machines Re: rogues galleries

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Nov 29 17:17:09 CST 2006

> However, whether all this 'counts' or not is debatable; Acorn didn't (sadly) 
> forsee people wanting to have more than one 'secondary' CPU attached at any 
> one time, so the connection between the BBC side and any additional CPU was 
> really point-to-point only rather than a true bus; I think Torch were the only 

I thought at least one of the Torch second processors, probably the 
'Graduate' (8088-based MS-DOS one) connected to the 1MHz bus not to the 
Tube. IIRC, it made use of a feature of the BBC micro which causes the 
latter to boot from an area of ROM in the FDxx space if one of the 
interrupt lines is asserted during/just after a reset.

In which case you should eb able to link up a normal Tube-connected 
second processor too. 

Writing the necessary software is left as an exercise for the reader ;-)


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