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> > Speaking of game consoles, there are also quite 
> few arcade boards 
> > that use multiple CPUs.
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> As far as games consoles with multiple CPUs the Se
> Saturn has quite a few -
> 2xHitachi SH2, 1xHitachi SH1 (CD controller),
> 1x68000 (sound controller),
> and a couple of DSPs (no idea how accessible to th
> developer these are) -
> this ended up in the arcades as the Sega ST-V boar

SH1 was the CD controller? I thought it handled
the sprites?

The SH2's handled the polygon output (250,000
each) of 500,000 polygons per second.

The board was nicknamed the "Titan" board
and was still used well into the late 90's
despite being superceded graphically by all
of Sega's Model 1 & 2 boards (and Model 3
board in 1998/9).
However, due to it's mastery of 2D and 3D
it was used on many arcade games (sorry,
can't name any now, been too long since I
last spoke about this board).

Andrew B
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