multiple cpu machines Re: rogues galleries

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Thu Nov 30 05:39:17 CST 2006

arcarlini at wrote:
> aliensrcooluk at wrote:
>>  --- arcarlini at wrote:
>>> Amstrad produced a 386 PC with a built-in Megadriv e. So that's
>>> three. Four if you count the keyboard :-)
>>> Antonio
>> They did?!  I don't suppose you know of any
>> pics online somewhere?
> They certainly did, the MegaPC.

> I've never seen one in the flesh, although I do remember
> thinking I'd like to have one when I first heard of it.

I used to work in a shop in Aberdeen that had one.  Never really looked 
at it that closely, because I was too busy playing with FRACTINT on the 
brand spanking new Amstrad 2386, with its 386DX-33 processor, 4M of 
memory, 80M IDE hard disk and 640x480x256 colour graphics.  Terribly 


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