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Sun Oct 1 08:57:50 CDT 2006

Why is it that Wang equipment is not seen available very often?    I 
just find it interesting that you rarely see many people on the list 
discussing Wang mini's or Wang workstations.     I had the opportunity 
back in 1991 to install a Novell NACS (Async Comm Server) to a Wang mini 
so that the company that had it could replace the Wang terminals with 
PC's running the remote connectivity client and still continue 
connecting to the Wang mini.


Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Sep 30, 2006, at 2:30 PM, Jay West wrote:
>> Ok, I went there and took a picture, you can see it at 
>> The "aspect ratio" in the picture is misleading. While the front of 
>> the cpu isn't perfectly square, it is more square than the picture 
>> would lead you to believe. In the 3rd party floppy boxes are loads of 
>> WANG label software, as well as customer disks. In the brown box is 
>> about a 1.5 foot long stretch of silver padded WANG binders/manuals, 
>> many with original software disks. I noticed some stuff mentioning 
>> 2780/3780 communications software which grabbed my attention. The 
>> monitor hooks up to the cpu with an odd "dual din cable". Two din 
>> connectors on each end, one has about 9 pins the other has about 5 
>> pins. The monitor obviously gets both power and data on this dual cable.
>> The CPU appears to be something called a "Wang Professional Computer" 
>> from what I can glean from the docs. The model tag on the back is 
>> extremely faded black print on silver so it's just a shadow. It seems 
>> to say the model is something vaguely like PM-XC1. There is an IBM 
>> mono "module" which has a part number something like PM101 and a 
>> "winchester controller module" which has a part number like PM029.
>>> From just a 30 second skim of some of the manuals it appears to be 
>>> running a
>> very customized version of DOS. The proprietary changes to the OS 
>> appear to be more than just cosmetic.
>   Ahh yes, I used to service those.  They run DOS but they're not 
> *quite* PC compatible.  I LOVE the video on those machines...those 
> little monitors are so wonderfully sharp!
>   They use a proprietary bus, and Wang had quite a few options 
> available for them.  They even had the BNC/TNC cable-based interface 
> to connect to the larger Wang OIS and VS systems.
>   Fun machines.  Built like tanks.
>               -Dave
> --Dave McGuire
> Cape Coral, FL
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