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Mon Oct 2 12:05:38 CDT 2006

Just a quick note to let everyone know of the workshops we've added to the 
VCF this year.

These workshops feature vintage computing kits that you build yourself, 
guided by the people who designed the kits.

So far we've announced workshops for the XGameStation Pico Edition run by 
its designer Andre' LaMothe, and a COSMAC Elf 2000 (as featured on the 
cover of Nuts & Volts last month) run by its designer Bob Armstrong.

Very soon I'll be announcing a third workshop run by Vince Briel to build 
his new Replica-1.

These workshops are an excellent way for people who have always been 
interested in hardware but never had a practical environment for 
experimenting to pick up some new skills from top notch engineers, and 
some nice new toys (that you build yourself!) in the process.

To read about the workshops, go here:

There is a registration button for each workshop on its respective page.  
Payment is via PayPal (from your account funds or credit card).  The 
workshops are scheduled at different times so the really adventurous can 
go to all of them ;)

Vince's Replica-1 workshop will be going up very soon.

A full VCF update will be coming out this week, with the current speaker 
schedule and more information on the first Vintage Computer Film Festival.  
Remember, Woz will be there, along with a bevy of other early Apple 
employees and founders for our 30th anniversary celebration of the birth 
of Apple.

I'd also like to see some more exhibits get registered :)

E-mail me with any questions you might have.


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