naval jelly

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Tue Oct 3 10:18:44 CDT 2006

> >Odd, for many years I used Naval Jelly to clean rust off cans in my beer
> >can collection. I never once saw it take any paint off, and I used it on
> some 
> >pretty fragile old cans. It worked wonderfully without messing up the
> >paint.
> I'm sure it did.   But Naval Jelly is a very old product and not very safe.
>  There are better, safer, preparations. 

Safe is totally in the hands of the user. Cyanide is used in gold plating and is
quite safe assuming stupidity is not part of the equation (i.e. let's see what
it tastes like.) Navel Jelly does a great job of disolving the rust, and that is
what it was intended for. Before using though, I wire brush off the heavy rust
deposits and use navel jelly sparingly as the next to final step ... the final
step is cleaning :).

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