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Tue Oct 10 17:42:21 CDT 2006

--- Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:

> Didn't the Tandy 2000 use an 80186?  IIRC, the 186
> offered higher speeds
> and integrated peripherals--a reasonable choice for
> a personal computer.
> Heaven knows, they weren't the only one to make the
> 186 blunder.

 Yes it did. So did the Mindset, Northstar Dimension
and Televideo Personal Mini (early file servers or
something), Burroughs ICON (also available from Xerox
IIRC), and maybe more. The earliest Orchid PC-Turbos
had a '186, and if you look it up they were awarded
some kind of patent for their toils. My Vermont
Microsystems PGA clone has an 80188. 
 There was some buzz back when that the Peanut was
going to have an 80186. Perhaps that was just media
 I'd have to look over the tech manual again, but I
was of the persuasion the T2K though sported an 80186,
it ignored the integrated peripherals. 
 The use or non-use of the integrated peripherals
weren't it's biggest problems (duh like those SMC crt
chips don't gum up the works). There was some talk on
google groups recently where it was said there were
subtle differences between the way the '186 executed
instructions, and apparently wasn't 100% object code
compatible with the 8086. Timing differences? Don't
know. Maybe someone can confirm or deny.

> If you wanted a PC compatible, you bought something
> made in Taiwan.

 And if you wanted something even more peecee comp-
atible then that, you copied actual peecee roms and
plugged them in. I remember one of Dvorak's columns
way back in PEECEE magazine complaining how the
Canadians did alot of this. LOL no offence to my
friends north of the border. I'm just telling you what
he said. O man is I in trouble...

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