11/34 irks

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 13 16:55:22 CDT 2006

> Ya know... if you're going to design and manufacture a "modular" power 
> supply like is in the 11/34A/BA11K, with those nice regulator modules... 
> wouldn't you think it could be designed so you could pull them out to 
> replace or add without having to remove the backend of the chassis? That's 
> just silly.
> Perhaps I'm missing it. It appears that you take off the top cover, undo a 
> holding screw in the back (one per regulator), and undo the connector for 
> that regulator underneath. But the two screws underneath and inside? Those 
> don't seem to be removable without taking off the back end of the chassis. 
> Icky. GrumbleGrumble...

It's not quite as bad... What you do is : 

Remove top cover, loosen the top screw holding the PSU ('backend of the 
chassis) on each side, and remove the bottmo 2 screws on each side. Then 
swing the CPU to the vertical position (That's one reason why the rack 
slides have a tilt mechanism) and the PSU will swing away from the 
backplane are. Unplug the 8 pin mate-n-lock, remove the 3 screws and 
slide the regulator out.

The connecotrs are on the front of the regulators themselves, not the 
connectors on the power distrbution PCB.


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