11/34 irks

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Oct 13 15:53:07 CDT 2006

Ya know... if you're going to design and manufacture a "modular" power 
supply like is in the 11/34A/BA11K, with those nice regulator modules... 
wouldn't you think it could be designed so you could pull them out to 
replace or add without having to remove the backend of the chassis? That's 
just silly.

Perhaps I'm missing it. It appears that you take off the top cover, undo a 
holding screw in the back (one per regulator), and undo the connector for 
that regulator underneath. But the two screws underneath and inside? Those 
don't seem to be removable without taking off the back end of the chassis. 
Icky. GrumbleGrumble...


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