PDT-11/150 down

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Tue Oct 17 11:28:29 CDT 2006

On 10/17/2006 at 12:04 PM Dave McGuire wrote:

>   Ha!  Not anytime soon, for better or worse.  The same thing was  
>said about things like the Z80, which is being made in larger  
>quantities than ever before.

Observe that I said that RS-232C was "obsolescent" and not "obsolete"--I'm
merely implying that it's on a slow decline.   The primary uses--connecting
an external modem or terminal to a PC aren't nearly as important today as
they once were.  USB and other interfaces have largely usurped the position
that the old "serial port" interface enjoyed.  There will be a time when
the standard PeeCee lacks a RS232C port--unless added by the user with a
USB adapter--just like the way the situation with the floppy drive is

I've heard floppy drives on laptops described in magazine reviews as
"quaint" in much the same way that an acetylene headlamp on a modern car
might be.


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