8" disk archive

B. Degnan billdeg at degnanco.com
Tue Oct 17 11:52:50 CDT 2006

Comment: - This is what preserving the history of computers is all 
about.  Plug forward!
Bill D

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>Subject: 8" disk archive
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>I'm actually starting the archiving of  the more than 1,500  8" disks that 
>I have. Here are my intended methods. If anyone has any comments, please 
>speak up.
>The ultimate goal is an online searchable database of these disks.
>1) number each diskette sequentially with date
>2) taking a digital picture of the label
>3) Making a catweasel image of the contents
>4) Makine an ImageDisk image of the contents
>5) Storing the following information in a database
>Diskette number
>Any text from the label
>System if known
>OS used if known
>Date of origin if known
>Description of contents
>if commercial software, the publisher/author
>Photo of the label
>Both disk images

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