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Barry L. Kline blkline at
Tue Oct 17 15:51:17 CDT 2006

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der Mouse wrote:

> So, my questions: (1) is it worth anything in its current shape, or
> does the damage (and/or maltreatment) cut its value to the point where
> it's comparable to the cost of hauling it away?  

It is definitely worth less due to the damage, but I treat pins the same
way as rarer computing equipment -- save them!  You can find out more
about that machine here:

Even if there is nasty damage to a machine, you can part them out.

> (2) anyone have more
> specific relevant questions that can be answered by someone not versed
> in pinball machines or electromech devices in general?

I'd like to know exactly what has been damaged.  A few digital pix would
go a long way to answering the questions, since one picture is worth a
thousand words!

> Oh, and (3) anyone want it? :-)  (I'd be tempted myself except I have
> no place to put it.)

I'd be interested, if I can figure a way to get it here (North American
Van Lines is the standard transportation method).

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