DEC-20, VAX-8600, PDP-11/70 and Update computer club...

Johnny Billquist bqt at
Wed Oct 18 04:28:09 CDT 2006

Since we've been mentioned, I might as well fill in the blanks and 
correct the errors.

Yes, Update, located in Uppsala, Sweden, have two DEC-2060 machines.
Both were operational when we stopped running them. The last we stopped 
in 1993 or 1994 (don't remember for sure now). I believe we could 
atleast get one of them back into running shape if we just had space. 
But at the moment we don't. And this all is in the hands of Uppsala 
University. The machines are Aida.Update.UU.SE and Carmen.Update.UU.SE. 
(Not sure if the DNS is being maintaned for these right now.)

While we're at it, we also have one VAX-8650, which is operational. We 
only need to turn the key, and it will boot. Normally we boot NetBSD on 
it, but we can also boot it into VMS or Ultrix. (Krille.Update.UU.SE)

And someone also mentioned DECsystem-570, which is a PDP-11/70 in a 
corporate cabinet. We have one 11/70 (in the old style) which also is 
just a turn of a key away from running. (Magica.Update.UU.SE).

However, we do not have any KS-10 machines. I believe Stacken (the 
computer club at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden) 
have both KS-10 and KL-10 machine still around. In the past they also 
had a KA-10 machine, which might still be around. And I know of another 
private individual who have a working KI-10 machine in Stockholm. That 
is actually a tri-CPU KI-10.

As for periperials, we have:
RP07 (2)
RP06 (4)
TU77 (2)
TU78 (1)

And of course we have MSCP disks and HSCs for the VAXen and PDP-11s.

(Oh, and we have another 11/70 and 8650 in storage)

Some images and pictures (rather incomplete) can be found at:

There should be some somewhere on Updates official pages as well, but I 
can't find any right now...


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