SBC-6120 (was Re: Help about am2901)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Thu Oct 19 17:58:53 CDT 2006

On 10/20/06, woodelf <bfranchuk at> wrote:
> woodelf wrote:
> > Well tommorow I plan to test my SCB6120 so I hope the magic smoke stays
> > inside as I just finished soldering in the sockets. Tommorow a PDP-8
> > lives < sound effects > Evil laugher , thunder bolts < / sound effects >
> >
> A bolt of lightning strikes the 6402 ...
>    Ok I installed it backwards, but I had a spare in my junk box.

Oops!  At least it's a common chip.

> I pull the power switch ... A bat flies by ... It *lives* .

Nicely done.

> Now I just have to run over to the local computer store a
> IDE cable and adapter for a laptop drive and mounting hardware.

I have a Mesa-brand CF adapter on mine (and a stack of sub-32MB CF cards).

One caveat - it's been discussed on alt.sys.pdp8, but one of the
commonly-available games disk image with ADVENT on it has a corrupt
FRTS.SV.  You'll need a good copy of that to get Colossal Cave

(thread on alt.sys.pdp8 - )

Spare Time Gizmos ADVENT page

In any case, congrats on the new 12-bitter.


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