vax/vms file archival ideas and suggestions

Joe Heck trash3 at
Thu Oct 19 14:58:28 CDT 2006

Hi all,
	I must be missing something, but I have not found a good way to
preserve a bunch of vax/vms files.  I've looked at VMSZip, Gzip, VMSTar,
etc, and I must be missing something.

Here is what I am trying to do:

Before my vax finally dies, I want to take the hundred or so TK50s I
have and restore them to the hard drive and then move them to PC-land
for long term storage.  This is halfway done with the tapes that are
easily readable.  I now have a bunch of directories, one for each tape,
with files in them on the VAX.  So the tree is only two levels deep on
the vax.  The files are pretty mixed: backup files, savesets,
distributions, text files, etc.  Right now the files amount to about 2Gb.

Now, the environment is: VAX 3100-30 with SCSI external.  THis is where
I hooked up the TK70 (TZ30?) to read the tapes.  I have network access
and can get to it via FTP and TELNET from elsewhere, namely my PC.  I
also have a bunch of different SCSI tape drives, 8mm, 4mm, 9 track, etc.
  So, I could transfer all the files if I could containerize (zip) them.

Do I try to Zip them somehow (what program) and FTP them, or do I just
write them to duplicate disks/tapes and throw them on a shelf, hoping I
have a machine to read them in the future?

I'm usually pretty good with this stuff, having been around the VMS
world for a few decades, but I just have this memory block, or the
blinders are on.

Any suggestions?


Joe Heck

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