vax/vms file archival ideas and suggestions

joe heck trash3 at
Thu Oct 19 22:00:15 CDT 2006

Thanks, everybody for your great ideas.  Of course I should have 
remembered some of them, but the grey matter gets leakier every day.

90 percent of the information is either already backup savesets or plain 
data, so I'll take the suggestions about moving it appropriately.  The 
last ten percent are indeed bootable tapes or images I want to keep as 
tape images, so the VMSTPC and SIMH stuff is the way to go.  Yes, I'll 
probably want to at least access them from an emulator or simulator on a 
PC, and just perhaps use them again on a VAX, but for now, I just want 
to store them in a way I can recover them.  The idea about using 
LDDRIVER (I have VDDRIVER) is also excellent.

Joe Heck

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