ZRQC formatter issue

Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Sat Oct 21 22:19:43 CDT 2006

Esteemed DEC Wizards,

I'm trying to format a Seagate ST251-1 (40 MB MFM drive) connected
to an RQDX3 using ZRQCH0 from XXDP25.  The formatter runs for over
two minutes, stepping the heads steadily, and announcing completion
of over 50,000 LBNs written.  It seems to write all of the low level
format, then dies with this error:

	ZRQC SYS FTL ERR 00007 ON UNIT 00 TST 01 SUB 000 PC: 105472
	Controller has reported a fatal error in the format program
	Status: FCT nonexistent

The drive was originally used with WD controllers on 486 class MS-DOS

How do I get an FCT onto the drive?  Do I need to somehow wipe some
additional space on the drive to trick ZRQC into thinking this is a
raw drive, or something?



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