LCD TV's with Home computers

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Oct 22 17:21:06 CDT 2006

> Does anyone have any experience running home computers, Commodores, 
> Sinclair's, Apple II's and the like on one of these modern LCD TV's.  
> Can they lock on to the cheap modulator signals or work with the 
> composite or RGB.
> I'm thinking of getting rid of a bulky tv set and various rgb and black 
> and white monitors and use a modern solution.

Not really what you're asking, but I suspect the technology is similar : 

I recently needed to show the output of an HP71 handheld computer to a 
small audience, and I found that a borrowed video projector (which could 
accept SVGA and composite video inputs) could display the composite 
output of HP's 80 column video interface (which is a fairly normal 
6845-based design, and which outputs composite monochrome video at RS-170 

The only thing was it was best to tell the projector that it was getting 
'NTSC' video rather than letting it autodetect. Maybe it was the absense 
of the colourburst or something, but it sometimes got a bit confused.

Mu guess, without trying it [1] is that a modern LCD TV would have no 
problems with home computer output.

[1] Personally, I'd rather have a CRT-based monitor that I can understand 
and repair than an LCD thing full of big ASICs. 


> Roger

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